First Video!

Making a time lapse video has been on my "I seriously want to do this one day"-list for so long and I finally took the time to make it happen. I made an original illustration out of one of the animals I drew for my Animal Tuesday project. Seeing this video being on my Youtube channel makes me really proud! I can't express how excited I am about this first video! I've learnt so, so much while recording, editing and showing it to friends. A next video will follow as soon as possible! Make sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date.

A print of the moth will be made available somewhere this week. Keep an eye on the shop or Instagram to see it getting listed.

Ready for Fall

Since fall started yesterday - and I'm a huge fall fan - I'm sharing this sketchbook drawing today. I've been really into drawing leaves lately and I'm afraid this is going to be one of many. I can already imagine using this as new (fabric) pattern. Hopefully you're excited to see more!

A Print for a Good Cause

A couple of days ago I got really inspired by a sculpture Stephanie of Petitplat was making (also shown in the second image on the right), so I decided to draw the whale she was sculpting. I've drawn a whale before for my weekly challenge and I knew I was going to enjoy making this whale filled with corals for sure! I posted it on Instagram and a few days later I received a request of a really kind customer to have that drawing printed. Stephanie was kind enough to approve of it (as I drew what she made), so I now have a limited amount of A5 prints available in my shop. That's not all! I decided to start a charity fundraising with this print. Per sold print, 6 USD (half of the purchase price) will be donated to Sea Shepherd, an organization fighting any form of cruelty towards the wildlife in the world's oceans.

It would be really great if you'd help out raising money for this great cause and/or spread the word!
Make sure to check out the shop of Petitplat too, she makes so many beautiful things.

Last, but not least, the necklace shown in the first image is by the talented crafters behind Star of the East!

Introducing New Designs

 Bird and Leaves Pouch
 Bird and Leaves Pouch
 Bird and Leaves Pouch
 Bird and Leaves Pouch
 Pouch Section
 Flowerpot Pouch
 Flowerpot Pouch
 Flowerpot Pouch
A couple of days ago I wrote a post about the new collection I designed. Well, today it's time to talk about two new designs! The first one is an illustration I made in my sketchbook. I decided to make an original drawing out of it and after that was finished and scanned, it was put aside for a time - sometimes it doesn't feel right yet to use something. But when I was working towards making my first collection of purses featuring my illustrations, I really wanted this illustration to be part of it. It just looks so pretty on the fabric! All the details, even the small stripes, are so well printed and clear. I couldn't be happier with the result and it fits so well between all the other designs.

This brings me to the second design. It features an illustration I already offer as print in my shop: the flowerpot filled with different types of flowers and leaves.

I hope you're excited about this new collection! Both designs are up for preorder in my shop: the bird and the flowerpot.

Brown Bear Purse

I'm not sure how long this has been on my mind to make, but a couple of weeks ago I finally edited the files and ordered the supplies to make prototypes for a new collection of own designed fabric pouches. When these arrived I literally got butterflies in my stomach (which shows how thrilled I was). I went straight to my sewing machine and put everything together. First up is my popular brown bear illustration. The finished result was shared on my Instagram two days ago and I'm totally overwhelmed by all the reactions! I really didn't expect this. Because of these reactions, I set up a preorder listing in my Etsy and Dawanda shop.

A ready to ship batch should be ready in 3-4 weeks, but if you're as excited as I am and you purchase the preorder listing, the pouch will ship out sooner.

Over the next couple of days, I'll be sharing more designs. So stay tuned!!


I really love drawing frames. Quite often, I tend to draw these frames in advance - at random pages - and keep them empty until I figure out what to put inside. For this frame, I picked the swan I drew for my weekly challenge and added some leaves. The drawing came out really nice and I'm thinking of turning this one into a new necklace piece!

As for the other drawing I'm sharing today, that's from an older sketchbook. I figured I don't often share old work, despite it being an important part of my current style. The sketchbook page you're seeing is made in 2010! It seems so long ago.

> > I've also got some exciting news: I opened a society6 store! There are - at the moment - 4 illustrations available. I want to have a couple more added by the end of the week. The illustrations look so nice as different types of products. Make sure to have a look!

Field of Poppies

The camera madness continues. This is a small illustration I made a while ago and I'll have print available of this very soon. I plan on making other illustrations available as print too, so stay tuned if you're excited about this! In the meantime, please make sure to check out the webshop as I'm having a July sale! Use coupon code CHRISTMASINJULY for 20% off.